Wintex MCL3


Wintex MCL3 is a powerful soil sampling device with s speacially designed probe. With the ability to penetrate from 1.20 m. to 2 m. deep, Wintex MCL3 is the market leader. According to the roughness of the soil a special valve adjusts the speed, so no manual system adjustment is necessary. You can choose from two MCL3 systems that are able to sample up to a depth of 2m, these are MCL3 and MCL3T.

MCL3 has an independent hydraulic system, which makes this system available to be installed on a variety of vehicles. MCL3T is a great solution when installing the system into tractors, because it is much lighter and more economical. It does not have an independent hydraulic system; therefor it has to be attached to the tractor’s hydraulics.

Main features:04 (1)

  • Uniform sampling of 1.2m to 2m deep
  • Specially designed probe ensures high-quality samples
  • 100 % automatic
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Competitive

Technical specifications:

  • Samples per hour: 60
  • Sample capacity: 300-500g
  • Probe diameter: 35mm
  • Hydraulic system: Honda GX390 11ag with an electric starter
  • Oil capacity: 30 liters
  • Total weight: 325kg (MCL3), 190kg(MCL3T)