Wintex 1000S


Wintex 1000s is an innovative soil sampling device, which effectively and accurately samples up to 30cm deep. By adjusting the hydraulic pressure according to the soil, it can take soil samples from the desired depth. The probe rotates while delving into the ground, this way taking ground samples, its special technology ensures that the sample will be maintained until fully pulled out and poured into a sample container. Wintex 1000s is fast and effective in any kind of soil. The hydraulic system of the device operates independently from the quad bike or other vehicle, ensuring that the probe delves accurately and reliably. New technologies ensure that Wintex 1000s sampling will not be affected by rough soil or obstructions.

Technical specifications:

  • Samples per hour: 360
  • Sample capacity: 300-450g
  • Probe diameter: 22mm003
  • Hydraulic system: Honda GX200 5,5hp
  • Oil capacity: 8 liters
  • Battery: 12V DC
  • Battery capacity: 14Ah, 250W
  • Total weight: 65kg

May be equipped with or without an electric starter.

Wintex 1000 soil sampling device can be fitted into your own equipment or come with Honda ATVs TRX 500 FE, TRX 500 FPA or TRX 680 FA quad bikes.