The new GreenSeeker® also works with the “Connected Farm” program


GreenSeeker® – is a cheap, portable, PDA crop quality testing device, which is very easy to use. By using GreenSeeker’s readings you can make objective decisions on crop fertilizer needed. The result of this is a more efficient use of fertilizers and financial benefits for the farmer as well as environmental benefits.

The new Trimble “xFill” technology


With the help of the new Trimble xFill ™ technology, even if internet/modem connection is temporarily disrupted, RTK corrections will be transmitted via satellite Trimble RTX network signal. In such a way, in places where the mobile internet signal is weak or temporarily unavailable, the Trimble navigation system will work stably and accurately for 20 minutes.

The Connected Farm™ system


The Connected Farm™ allows tracking of all machinery working in the field and getting dashboard data in real time, also transferring field cultivation data from the Trimble Navigator to the office computer, and even direct data exchange Trimble Navigator working the same field, by using the same Trimble GPRS modems, used in conjunction with Trimble navigators for enabling RTK VRS corrections.

The free “Connected Farm” app for making GPS measurements using a smart phone

You have a Samsung, iPhone, another manufacturer’s smart phone or a tablet PC? By downloading and installing the free Trimble ConnectedFarm™ app and using the phone’s GPS receiver you will be able to:

  • measure the thresholds of fields and crops,
  • mark points of interest,
  • take geotagged photos,
  • mark areas with crop pests.

All data can be immediately sent directly to the office computer, where using ConnectedFarm™ you will be able to conveniently view and analyze field data.