EZ-Guide 250

The Trimble EZ-Guide 250 parallel navigation screen ensures high navigation quality 
at an attractive price. The set with an additional AG15 antenna allows to achieve
the same accuracy as higher-level screens. Colorful, bright 10.9 cm screen,
extremely bright, protected from sunlight, LED navigation bar, simple and convenient
operation ensure quality and uncomplicated work. The EZ-Guide 250 can also work with the EZ-Steer steering system.

Key features:

  • 10.9 cm color, bright screen
  • 15-20 cm accuracy
  • Extremely bright, sun-protected, LED navigation bar
  • Possibility to measure fields
  • Manual and automatic navigation with EZ-Steer steering system
  • An advanced solution for mapping, measuring and storing fields data
  • Possibility to save and retrieve work history or field measurement results

More about the product

The set consist of:

  • EZ-Guide 250 display
  • Ag15 GPS antenna
  • Brackets for mounting display and antenna
  • Double suction vacuum mount for display