TrueGuide passive implement steering system

TrueGuide passive implement steering system

The TrueGuide system monitors and adjusts the position of the implement while driving the tractor. Control implement movement with the Trimble TrueGuide is implement passive steering system. When the implement slips, TrueGuide instructs the tractor's Autopilot system to drive so that the implement stands in the reference line. So you can work with extreme precision regardless of the type of field terrain or line. 

Key features:

  • Drives a tractor to get the implement on the line faste
  • Ideal system for working with wide implements
  • Reduces uncontrolled implement slip by more than 50% compared to tractor driving alone
  • Easy installation
More about the product

The set consist of:

  • Trimble TMX-2050 Android OS Navigator
  • Ag25 antenna on the tractor
  • Ag25 antenna on the implement
  • Bracket for body mounting
  • The tractor must have an Autopilot automatic steering system