Trimble EZ-Steer automatic steering system

The Trimble EZ-Steer automatic steering system offers a simple solution for almost all agricultural machinery. This system is attached to the steering wheel and drives the machine according to the satellite signal. The machine's floor-mounted controller gyros compensate for terrain roughness and cab fluctuations, keeping the machine on the line.

Key features:

  • Universal electric motor
  • The system supports more than 1,200 agricultural machines
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily transferred to another machine
  • T2 relief roughness compensation technology
  • The system disengages when the steering wheel is turned by hand
  • When not in use, easily pulls away from the steering wheel
  • EZ-Steer supports all Trimble navigators
More about the product

The set consist of:

  • EZ-Steer engine
  • T2 terrain roughness compensation gyros
  • Engine mounting bracket
  • Installation and calibration