Trimble Autopilot hydraulic automatic steering system

The automatic steering system is installed directly in the tractor hydraulics and ensures the highest steering accuracy in any type of field. The Trimble Autopilot system automatically steers the machine on the reference line with maximum accuracy. When the machine is out of line, the Autopilot sends a signal to adjust its position to maintain the required trajectory, regardless of field or soil type and shape, so you can calmly focus on other jobs.

Key features:

  • Automatically steers the machine to an accuracy of 1 cm
  • Installed directly on the machine's hydraulics, resulting in less equipment in the cab
  • PMost factory machine preparations for automatic steering are supported, making installation simpler and cheaper
  • Ideal for those who demand the highest driving precision in the toughest working conditions
More about the product

The set consist of:

  • Trimble navigator with GPS receiver
  • Terrain roughness compensation gyroscopes
  • Hydraulic steering control valve 
  • Front wheel angle sensor
  • Installation and calibration
  • Training to work with the system