GAC 2500

GAC 2500

GAC 2500 automatic grain moisture computer measuring grain moisture in %, temperature in ˚C and specific weight (hectoliter weight) in kg / Hl.

Key features:

  • Fast, fully automatic grain measurement: independently loads and unloads the sample
  • Measures humidity with an accuracy of ± 0.1% (depending on environmental conditions) Constant measurement of specific gravity and temperature and display of results
  • The computer stores unlimited number of grain calibrations
  • More than 450 possible types of calibrations
  • Automatic weighing
  • Automatic humidity and temperature compensation
  • Used to measure cereals, oilseeds, grasses, vegetable seeds and beans
  • 2 standard RS232 ports for printer connection


More about the product

The GAC 2500 is a convenient and reliable measuring device designed for large farmers who urgently need information on humidity, temperature and specific gravity. This information is essential for making the most profitable harvest decisions. The GAC 2500 delivers grain measurement results in couple of seconds and can have up to 450 types of grain calibrations. The whole measurement process is fully automated.