Surface relief design

Surface relief design

Trimble WM-Subsurface software is an analysis and design tool for use with the Trimble WM-Drain farm drainage solution. WM-Subsurface ensures optimal placement of surface and sub-drainage systems for water management projects, which helps to properly drain fields.

Separation mode and tributaries

Allows you to set various outdoor water areas - this helps to arrange the main, auxiliary and side pipes.

Natural surface water flows can be easily tracked using flow direction arrows and tributaries.

Three-dimensional map screen

Ability to view topographic field data in 3D format at any angle and increase the vertical dimension to visually see the field shape and gradients.

Creating contours

Ability to create embankment tracks from topographic data based on contour, interval, and turning radius settings.

The main parts of the solution

Benefits of thesolution

Optimal drainage design
Precise automatic project realization
The fastest reclamation design tool
Saves time and money