Farm Works™” “Mappingsoftware has both basic and advanced layer management functions, allowing the handling of a comprehensive record on field guidance system. Flexibly allowing the processing of different types of hardware solutions, “Farm Work” software “Mapping” lets you make management decisions based on output production data, soil type, soil test results, and so on.





  • Look through and analyze the maps planting allocation. Manually create maps of various types or download them from the most accurate technical farming equipment.
  • Print records about production by type, containing the report on separate type’s results on your farm.



Fertilization maps      

  • The soil type, yield productivity maps or other data to easily create variable fertilization maps.
  • Look through and print product statements in order to see the total amount needed to complete the work and estimated expenditures.

Use formulas to create advanced variable amount fertilization maps.




Maps by yield

  • Combine the maps of types with maps by yield to determine the results of separate types.
  • Calculate maps by yield from a few years to determine the high and low yielding areas of a field.

Later calibrate the data on the amount of yield to correct the control device’s calibration errors.





Orientation lines

Create, edit and manage orientation lines of popular navigation systems, including all “Trimble®” navigators.