Farm Works™” “Mobilerationalizes data management in the field, because one software bundle handles all data about a field, map creation, data registering, soil sampling and fertilization at a variable amount. A flexible user interface helps the user to adjust the basic features of data collecting. “Mobile” works on any outdoor computer with “Windows Mobile®”, “Windows® XP”, “Windows Vista®”, “Windows 7” or “Android” operating system.


Field records

  • Quickly fill field records in and look through earlier records.
  • The field record input system may be used independently or with a GPS receiver and follow planting dates, chemical usage, weighbridge receipts, and the location of hybrids / types and so on.


Soil sampling

  • Create grids or manage soil sampling zones.
  • Use the navigation line to automatically connected target points in the order in which they are numbered in.
  • Move to any interest point using a compass or the 3D map.

General mapping

  • Tag field margins, drainage lines, pivot points, trenches, and other points of interest.
  • Use the meter to calculate distances.
  • Customize the text on the screen.

Data collection

  • Enter data logging features, such as weed and insect species, notes, time, date, and so on.
  • Mobile devices with built-in cameras and GPS, eg. “Trimble ®” PDA “Nomad ®”, Capture digital images and link them to the area marked on the map and features.
  • Look through any number of background maps.


Variable rate fertilization

  • Control one or more products for variable rate fertilization by using instruction maps.
  • Data is created, “applicable”, which can be uploaded to the “Farm Works” office or other third-party software.
  • Registers external sensor data and applies them for variable rate.