Many companies managing vehicle fleets are looking for solutions to increase efficiency and reduce vehicle operating costs.


What’s this?


  • Vehicle tracking in real time
  • Movement history
  • Travel distance reports
  • Fuel usage reports
  • Work/rest mode reports
  • Working mode or trajectory violation recording
  • Travel sheet generation
  • Device settings reports: engine operation time, temperature, door opening and others…
  • Vehicle computer data submission
  • Communication with drivers with the help of this system
  • The ability to allow others to monitor
  • Most detailed global maps
  • Time sheets – the possibility to distinguish daytime and nighttime driving, to separate kilometers by country. It is an effective preventive measure for reducing potential job failures.

How is it helpful?

  • You will know where and what your vehicles are doing in real time
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased employee work efficiency
  • Effective vehicle fleet utilization
  • Optimal work planning and control

What are the features?

Continuous tracking in very detailed maps

  • The most detailed global maps are used in LocTracker system – „Google Maps“.
  • Information on the exact location of the vehicle is transmitted to the system in real time and displayed on the map.
  • You can optionally monitor one or more vehicles at the same time.
  • All necessary licenses are bought out for the maps used in the system.


Positioning history

You can look through a vehicle’s position history in the LocTracker system at any time.

While viewing the history of the selected vehicle you can see the movement for the selected period. A detailed movement history, movement speed, travel distance, stops, movement and stop times are displayed in the history window. You can imitate the vehicle’s movement while viewing the movement history.



Travel distance, equipment working time, fuel reports. Travel sheets.


The LocTracker system provides the vehicle’s or other machinery’s travel distance, equipment’s (eg. motor or other spec. equipment) working time, fuel consumption reports for the selected period. The travel distance and equipment working time, the amount of fuel consumed every day and for all selected period is is generated in the reports.

The time report is used to monitor the time and place that the engine or any other unit was on/off.

You can look through the detailed report from any day. The start time of work is generated, start and end time of each job is distinguished, the distance traveled at that period of time, time of work and stops are generated.

Stop time is also generated.

LocTracker system reports on the fuel tank level and fuel consumption by using of the vehicle’s on board computer or the fuel level sensor.





Time sheets


The function allows you sum up working time, travel time by separating daytime and nighttime, and work in separate countries.

Not only for the period (as a simple reports on the case) is selected while generating time sheets, but you can also set the minimum speed, from which it is considered that the vehicle is in motion (not including the time when the motor is on but the vehicle is not moving and so on.
You can separate nighttime driving by indicating night hours. The the “total” and separately nighttime data is generated
You can separate driving history by country. A report by the number of kilometers traveled and hours is generated (nighttime driving separated)


Ability to communicate with drivers


This function lets you communicate with drivers by sending messages from LocTracker straight to their screen. The driver can answer from the screen. The answer is sent back to LocTracker.

  • Sending messages to the driver’s screen.
  • Receiving the answer from the screen.
  • Message history.
  • A Screen, especially designed for truck drivers.
  • The display “leads” the truck according to several vehicle’s dimensions – width, length, as well as the max weight.

Ability to set permissions

If you have partners, subcontractors or you just want to show your clients how you work, you can set permissions so they can monitor the selected vehicles for a set period of time.

You just need to set the vehicles and the monitoring time period in the system. The system generates a link, which you can share with the client. The client will be able to monitor the chosen vehicles for the set period of time by using the given link.

Password is not needed when using a generated link. If you want to terminate the monitoring permission, just delete the permission.

Driver’s working time


Driver’s working time allows you to look through the travel time parameters and notifications about possible violations in the normal tachograph imitation on the screen. Working time records are used to control long-distance drivers, based on the European Commission’s guidance document “EC Drivers Hours on April 11, 2007”

The time left to be driven until next rest stop is also shown in working time records. This allows you more precise work planning.

Internet access ensures, that the data will be available anytime, anywhere. Also, no software or map updates are needed, it can prevent any other inconvenience.

Extremely cost-effective use of telecommunication resources at minimum cost allows monitoring of the vehicles in Lithuanian territory and beyond its borders.

LocTracker is compatible with the work optimization and routing system LocLogistics

The system allows optimal work allocation of company managers, deliverers or other personnel who have to go to clients or objects. The system allocates and plans work in such a way, that every employee would have enough time to perform the work assigned, so that all clients and objects would be visited on time, and the company would use minimal resources to complete all tasks. The system is linked to the vehicle control system LocTracker. This way you will control the tasks performed and you will be informed about route or schedule violations.

LocTracked advantages:

  • Experience – many years of work experience, communication with Lithuanian and foreign carriers led to the fact, that the service and its creators have received awards for innovation and implementations of latest technologies. Very positive user feedback.
  • Flexibility – you have ideas how to make the system better or some specific requirements? Tell us about it. We’ll implement the good ideas.
  • Functionality – the system has lots of features and integrations with other systems.
  • Constant system updates – the system is developed very dynamically. All updates for service users are free of charge.
  • Around-the-clock customer service – call us and we’ll answer any questions you have.
  • Promptness – you will be able to start using the system faster than you think
  • Pricing – transparent, clear and attractive pricing