About iAGRO

„iAGRO“ is the only official dealer of these companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia:

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    “Trimble” (USA) – “Trimble.Agriculture” is the leader of GPS automatic steering (Autopilot) solutions, providing automated steering and other equipment for agricultural machinery;

  • “Dickey-john” (USA) – highly accurate grain analysis computers and humidity meters (calibrated by Seed and Grain Agency);

  • “FarmWorks” (USA) – software for farm management. FarmWorks’s solutions allow you to enter field, equipment used, crop plan records and usually save cost records, to make it easier to monitor profits. It also provides the opportunity to create field maps and mark crops;

  • “Wintex Agro” (Denmark) – ground sampling devices for quick and easy soil sample collection from different depth;

  • „LocTracker“ (Lithuania) – The LocTracker system provides the vehicle’s or other machinery’s travel distance, equipment’s working time, fuel consumption reports for the selected period.


A complete integrated precision farming tool kit




Trimble is the pioneer in GPS system manufacturing and a definite world leader in the production of these systems, the company manufactures GPS systems not only for precision agriculture, but also for military industry, aviation, surveying, construction industry, etc.

Trimble’s leading position in GPS equipment for automatic driving of tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery, is partly due to the fact that one of the largest tractor manufacturing concerns CNH Global NV, which owns CASE and New Holland, has decided to discontinue its AgroGPS-Autopilot systems and signed a partnership agreement with the leader in GPS – Trimble. Therefore, all AgroGPS-Autopilot system Software CASE and New Holland machinery are manufactured by Trimble.

Other tractor manufacturers support the strategy chose by CNH because Trimble is a recognized leader in GPS technology: providing RTK (2.5 cm) precision technology and ensuring GLONASS signal reception, and so on, and is an independent AgroGPS-Autopilot system supplier. Currently, not only for CASE and New Holland tractors are being equipped with Trimble equipment, but also all AGCO group machines (Fendt, Valtra, Challenger, Massey Ferguson), and other manufacturers, including John Deere’s, machinery is compatible with Trimble. Trimble provides complete AgroGPS-Autopilot system solution for more than a thousand different models of machinery. Therefore, Trimble’s equipment will be fully compatible, regardless of what manufacturer’s machinery you have. Also, when needed, you will be able to transfer Trimble’s equipment from one machine to another, because this equipment “doesn’t care about the tractor’s or other farm machinery’s color”.

“iAGRO” offers a solution ensuring RTK (2.5 cm) accuracy, using a GSM / GPRS modem and making RTK VRS corrections.


In 2009, Trimble acquired the company Farm Works software, which made the most popular software, a specialized system designed to help manage all the main agricultural activity processes. Trimble integrated FarmWorks software with all other Trimble’s products, which helped achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.


The Danish company “Wintex Agro” specializes in soil sampling equipment manufacturing, over 15 years it accumulated lots of experience and developed a worldwide network. Wintex’s equipment is used in Estonia for many years. Wintex 1000 has become the most popular soil sampling device up to 30 cm deep. Wintex’s devices Wintex 2000 and Wintex MCL3, with the ability to penetrate from 1.20 m. to 2 m. – are definitely leading the market. The new Wintex Agro device Wintex 1000s is an innovation for sampling up to 30cm deep, built on 15 years of experience, the new device is quick and reliable in any type of soil.


DICKEY-John – manufacturers with extensive experience in designing and producing electronic devices, produce most accurate grain humidity meters. Precision grain moisture analyzers GAC® and portable miniGAC® and miniGAC® Plus have attracted great interest. UAB “iAGRO” also offers other “Dickey-john” equipment: hay moisture measurement devices, soil pressure meters.

“LocTracker” is the most popular transport control and management system, which provides many features:


  • The LocTracker system provides the vehicle’s or other machinery’s travel distance, equipment’s (eg. motor or other spec. equipment) working time, fuel consumption reports for the selected period. The travel distance and equipment working time, the amount of fuel consumed every day and for all selected period is is generated in the reports.
  • The time report is used to monitor the time and place that the engine or any other unit was on/off.
  • You can look through the detailed report from any day. The start time of work is generated, start and end time of each job is distinguished, the distance traveled at that period of time, time of work and stops are generated.
  • Stop time is also generated.